IT'S NOT A PHASE, MOM.         

Emo Night Mainland takes you back to a simpler time, just around 2008. When your checkered Vans and pink hairpins were well matched up with your black dyed hair. A time when Fall Out Boy and Paramore were covering up your wall with all of the posters you could find. But most of all a time where you told your parents “IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM, IT’S WHO I AM. EMO IS A LIFESTYLE.”
We make this magic happen through DJ-acts such as Shaking Back Sunday, My Chemical Bromance, Big Boys at the Disco! and many more, that will play your favorite 00’s emo, pop-punk and (all the variations on but not limited to) metalcore. This all whilst you’re taking top-down pictures with the BFF in your MySpace top-8 that week and talking the latest Pete Wentz gossip.

Downhere an impression of Emo Night. This is the aftermovie of Emo Night Mainland at TivoliVredenburg on December 9th 2019, made by Laura Visser, pictures by Femke Valks. 

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